Listing the appeal rating given by teen users for each attraction at Epcot. Five stars is highest rating. Click on the "Attraction Name" and "Teen Appeal" headers to sort the list.

Teen Appeal of Epcot Attractions
Attraction Name Teen Appeal
Turtle Talk with Crush Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
The Seas with Nemo & Friends Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
The Circle of Life Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
The American Adventure Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Test Track Presented by Chevrolet Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Sum of All Thrills (in Innoventions East) Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Spaceship Earth Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Soarin' Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Reflections of China Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
O Canada! Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Mission: SPACE Orange Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Mission: SPACE Green Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Living with the Land Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Journey Into Imagination With Figment Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
JAMMitors Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Impressions de France Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Ellen's Energy Adventure Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Captain EO Star_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Agent P's World Showcase Adventure Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half

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