I Bought the Book - Do I Have to Pay to Subscribe?

Owners of a current Unofficial Guide (including the Adults and With Kids) receive a discount on a one-year subscription to the premium website. We provide free access to everyone for book updates, recent news articles and analysis, and the Disney Ticket Calculator.

How Long Does a Paid Subscription Last?

A subscription lasts twelve months from the date of purchase. So if you subscribed on November 10, 2009, your subscription would end at midnight on November 10, 2010. But if you need a couple extra days beyond that, drop us a line - we're flexible.

What about this 45-day money-back guarantee?

It's absolutely legit! The only caveat is that we cannot offer this guarantee to users who purchase via the Apple App Store (that store does not offer refunds). If you purchase through the website, we honor this guarantee for 45 days after your purchase date, no questions asked. Send us an email for refunds, please.