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    112: Lunar Exploration Vehicles

Lunar Exploration Vehicles (Gallery 112)

At the far end of the first floor, in front of the food court, are the Lunar Exploration Vehicles. Here you’ll find the Apollo Lunar Module LM-2, the second of 12 built for the Apollo moon missions. While this one never flew in space, it shows how relatively small and delicate these spacecraft needed to be, while safely carrying astronauts a quarter-million miles. Also on display are the Apollo 11 spacesuits worn by the Apollo 11 crew.

Above the lunar module are hung the Ranger 7 Lunar Probe, which sent back high-resolution television images of the moon in 1964, confirming the feasibility of landing a spacecraft on its surface; the Surveyor spacecraft, which flew between 1966 and 1968, and looked for good spots to land the Apollo spacecraft on the moon; and the Lunar Orbiter, which captured photos of most of the moon’s surface and also aided the selection of an Apollo 11 landing site.

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