Disney All Star Resorts offered through Priceline.com for $36

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Recently, Disney has begun offering their All Star Music and All Star Sports Resort through bids via Priceline for a mere $36 (plus tax and fees) when the rack rate for this period is $99 at these resorts.

Bidding on Priceline is always risky as you cannot see which hotel you will get in advance and could end up with something completely unexpected. Also, the bid itself is nonrefundable.

A new website called Magic Values (at www.magicvalues.com) strives to make the odds bidding for these great rates a little safer. There is still no guarantee, but this website did help many people bid successfully for these resorts.

Magic Values explains the exact booking process to win the resort and a calendar of bids from people around the web showing which days were won, and which days were not.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough that a bid through Priceline is not refundable, and you might end up at a non-Disney resort. However, if you’re interested, it might be worth the gamble.

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