Spectromagic currently not so Magical

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After a long period of suspecting something was wrong, we’ve finally discovered what is wrong with the Spectromagic night parade at the Magic Kingdom.

As you may know, Walt Disney World parades have parade route sections which feature appropriate music for the floats. As new floats cruise by, the background music often shifts to match. The floats themselves also provide certain audio, so it all blends into a seamless performance. Theoretically, this is how it is supposed to work.

For several months the audio mixing console (a piece of equipment that controls the background music along the parade route) has been broken. Cast Members have been manually mixing the shows, and in the case of Spectromagic (which has several underscore pieces,) the main theme from the opening is left to play along the entire route rather than changing to match the floats.

Luckily, the themes are all orchestrated to blend together, but there are points where the float audio obviously does not go with the current music.

It has been suggested that the lack of response from guests (because they can’t tell how it’s supposed to sound) mixed with budget concerns are delaying action to remedy the matter.