UPDATE: Contemporary DVC architecture firm

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UPDATED AUG 7 2006 – It turns out we were on to something with the information below, as the architecture firm pulled the information and images from their website. A little research has revealed that the same firm also created the current Contamporary convention center. The images on the website (for those who missed out) did indeed depict a 15 C-shaped tower in the style of the current tower in the place of the current North Wing labeled as Vacation Club timeshares.

Original posted August 6, 2006:

After discussing the breifing given to frontline CMs at the Contemporary Resort about the new DVC resort complex coming soon, some friendly folks point us to website of of the architecture firm Gwathmey Siegel.


It turns out they are apparently designing they new 15 story DVC addition to the resort. Scroll down that page for a look into the future of the resort – they say the completion is set for some time in 2008.

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