Contemporary Concept Artwork

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We stumbled across these pieces of conceptual artwork hanging on refurbishment walls on the 4th floor concourse at the Contemporary recently. Feel free to ignore the glare from the nearby windows and “ghosts” from us and other passerbys.

The refurbishment walls themself (not pictured of course) have been scaled back dramaticly on the concourse from prior work, leaving a large open area where the Pin Station once stood. The seating kiosks have been stripped to reveal the original planters planters too. Small refurbishment walls remainas they’re apparently adding a single element at a time.

The second shot reveals that the Mary Blair mural is intend to be left fully with new carpet and coloring set to match it better then the current scheme. Also, the trees in the pictures seem to be a nod to the original design of the resort which featured large plexiglass panel trees. For those with poor eyes (or who can’t tell from our poor photography – it’s ok, we forgive you) the trees in the concept art reach to about the monorail level and are sort of wispy and leaf-less, with lights or something else sparkly/glowing on them.

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