Living Seas Interior/Exterior Work

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With the ride opening sometime in October, the work has begun to reach a feverish pace at the Living Seas pavilion in Epcot. The new pavilion entrance is getting a very colorful look featuring characters from the movie, overlayed on top of a modified version of the original classic mural.

Inside, the theme has been continued and run up the previously blank blue walls. The place now pops with bright colors – and jellyfish.

The exterior mural’s modified look is carried over onto new mural’s over Turtle Talk with Crush and Bruce’s Shark World. Here’s a long shot of Crush’s from second floor.

And finally, a close up of Bruce himself as he looms over his area in the newly stylized pavilion.

The Living Seas is scheduled to remain open until the grand opening of the The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride, however it may need to close a few days prior to remove interior construction walls and touch up paint. We’ll keep you updated if that is announced, as well as any pass holder or other previews.

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