How to win in the Year of a Million Dreams

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Browsing over the official rules released by Disney and sorting through the websites including interviews with Disney officials on the subject of prizes and the Year of a Million Dreams, we’ve come to realize how Disney intends to award prizes. This is all spectulation for entertainment purposes, but is based on what has been released by Disney.

First, this particular line in the contest information is of interest:

“Sponsor anticipates that potential winners will be selected at the Disney Properties between opening and 5 pm local time; however, certain prizes (for example, Mickey Mouse Penthouse and Cinderella’s Castle Suite) are likely to be awarded early in the day to help ensure that a winner will be able to claim the prize and Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to select winners at the Disney Properties during any operating hours.”

What does that mean? A few things. Primarily, if you arrive after 5pm, you’re unlikely to be awarded anything. If you have an Epcot after 4pm Annual Pass be sure to enter the park between 4pm and 5pm to atleast have a chance of winning anything.

Next, Disney officials have mentioned in interviews that they do not intend to announce large prizes publicly on the spur of the moment to embarass guests or sadden others in the vicinity who did not win. The following appears in a recent article from the Orlando Sentinel newspaper:

“To avoid spontaneous scenes of envy and disappointment among nearby people, major prizewinners won’t be told what they won on the spot. “We’re not going to announce that in front of hundreds of other people who were so close,” Potrock said. “We’re going to celebrate later in the day by putting those people in as grand marshals in the parades.””

The Disney official being quoted is Ken Potruck, VP of Global Alliance Marketing. He is essentially saying that major prize winners will be chosen specifically in the early parts of the day, prior to the daily parade. Thus, if you want to win a big prize, you should arrive prior to a parade period, which is typically 3pm.

So, arrive early, and let us know if you “randomly” win anything big.

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