Nemo Ride may open early

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We’ve gotten word that over this weekend (Oct 7-8, 2006) the refurbishment walls at the Living Seas (now becoming the Seas with Nemo and Friends) are scheduled to be removed in anticipation of the preview openings for annual passholders and DVC members later in the week as well as Disney Cast Member (employee) previews starting on Wednesday.

The short version of the long story is that they need to operate the pavilion as though it were fully open and staffed for Monday and Tuesday. That means if and when conditions allow there’s a slight chance the ride may open to regular day guests. So, if you’re in Epcot, feel free to swing on by and check it out, but please don’t expect it to be open.

In less vague news, the pavilion is officially expected to be fully operational and accepting regular guests by October 31st at the latest. More than likely it will reopen after a breif period of downtime for minor adjustments after the previews (to work out the kinks they discover – if any) and then go into an official “soft opening” period until it holds a grand opening celebration.

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