Epcot overhauls in 2007?

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We’ve heard several rumors involving refurbishments and rennovations at Epcot in 2007, but no exact dates or releases from Disney. These items should be considered speculation/rumor until confirmed officially.

First, in January the LED globe from Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is said to be out for rennovation and updates for about 3 weeks. We’ve heard from cast members that test shows without the globe were performed in the last week to see how new temporary show elements would look in its place. The globe is speculated to return with updated technology and systems.

Over at a larger sphere, Spaceship Earth is said to close sometime in summer or fall of 2007 for rennovation. The majority of the attraction is expected to remain the same, but the finale show scenes are expected to be updated with new technology. Cast members report that the post show area, once the Global Neighborhood sponsored by AT&T, has finally been gutted and will open sometime earlier in 2007.

Around the World Showcase, a new film is expected to debut in the Canada circlevision 360 theater. The “O Canada” replacement film has been filming and is confirmed, but an exact timeframe is unknown.

Across showcase plaza in Mexico, El Rio del Tiempo is expected to receive a Three Cabelleros makeover. The three characters were recently brought in to meet and greet at the pavilion and reliable sources have mentioned plans for the ride’s rivival to bring guests back into it. An exact timeframe is unknown, however the refurbishment is expected to follow Canada’s replacement film.

Again, all of these items are strong rumors but unofficial at this point.

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