Epcot’s 25th?

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Rumors are begining to wildly circulate after comments from Epcot’s Vice President Jim MacPhee in regards to Epcot’s 25th anniversary. Jim told the Orlando Sentinel that guests could expect some suprises in regards to the 25th birth of the park on October 1,st 2007.

The park’s prior VP, Brad Rex, had previously given a statement indicating that the park’s anniversary would not celebrated in any noticeable way.

Regardless, several groups of die-hard Epcot fans are planning to gather in the park on October 1st, 2007, to celebrate the anniversary. Some are even renting out private Illuminations viewing areas for desert receptions. A large group is staging a mass gathering of fans on the Epcot icon in the pavement to the south of the Fountain of Nations in the center of the park at 10am.

Anyone wishing to register for the fan gathering behind the fountain or to get more information can visit the group’s website here.

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