Disney World Crowds Predictor Major Update

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We’ve completed our most comprehensive survey of theme park “best days” since 2005. To get these data, we sent researchers to count people headed to the parks. For the Magic Kingdom, we positioned data collectors (with Disney’s permission) at the Transportation and Ticket Center and at the Pop Century Bus Stop.

On a typical day, the researchers counted between 8,000 and 14,000 people. We had other researchers in each park measuring the wait times at the headliner attractions, as well. Data collection started in January, ended in July, and included several holiday periods, as well as weeks in which the Extra Magic Hour schedule varied from normal.

The best and worst days for the Magic Kingdom are:

Magic Kingdom
Highest Waits
Lowest Waits

A couple of things to note: Days with morning Extra Magic Hour were more crowded than other days of the week. Thursday is the most common day for Morning EMHs, so Thursday is usually the day with the highest waits. Sunday is also a busy day. Tuesday, Saturday and Wednesday (when they don’t have EMHs) are the best days of the week to visit the Magic Kingdom.

A good rule of thumb seems to be to visit the park the day after its morning EMH (not, as one might expect, its evening EMH).

We’ll have the Epcot, Studios and Animal Kingdom numbers posted shortly.

Also note: the crowd calendar is underpredicting by about 1.0 the current crowd levels in the Magic Kingdom. We’re working to adjust the formula. Until then, plan for slightly larger crowds than we’re indicating.

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