Refurbished Grand Floridian Rooms Look Good

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We were able to spend the night in one of the Grand Floridian’s main building’s newly renovated rooms this past weekend. Along with an improved dresser/chest-of-drawers and flat screen television, the dressing area has been much improved. Lighting is much better, and ample counter space is available for curling irons, hairbrushes and other grooming aids. The bathroom features the same curved shower bar that worked wonders at the Contemporary and Polynesian. Hair blowdryers upgraded to 1875 watts (from 1500). Pillows are still polyester fill, but very comfortable. Sheets are still 180-thread count, as far as we could tell. Service was very good. The only drawback was the price – we’re putting a kidney up for auction shortly.

Hallway carpets feature hidden Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Minnie images. Concierge offerings are on par with other other Magic Kingdom resorts (better than the Contemporary but a notch below the Poly, in our opinion). More details soon.

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