Christmas Trees at AK and MK

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The trees have been installed and are sparkling at the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom theme parks. First, a look at the Animal Kingdom’s tree, which is located in the entrance plaza of the park.

The level of detail of the decorations on the tree is simply stunning. It always reminds us slightly of the Lion King musical on Broadway too.

Over in the Magic Kingdom, the tree is currently nestled off to the side of the central hub, though it is depicted on the latest park maps (with Toy Soldiers from the parade on the cover for the holidays) as being in Town Square. In thoery it should move to that location once taping of the Christmas Day Parade concludes in early December.

The rest of the park is draped with holiday cheer, with much of the emphasis on Main Street though. The overhead garlands will also have to come down temporarily for the taping of the Christmas Day parade for a few days at the end of November.

And for fun, we’re throwing in this shot of a Donald topiary wrapped in lights, which can be found at Epcot’s main entrance, which is not yet completed, as its holiday festivities begin after Thanksgiving.