Innovention’s Future?

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In January and February of 2008 large new exhibits will open in Innoventions East and West at Epcot. West will receive a Velcro exhibit which is nearing completion, and East will get a massive Waste Management exhibit. This excludes two major known sponsors of Innoventions though.

In late 2006, the Burnham Institute for Medical Research signed a contract to bring one of their facilities to central Florida, creating many new jobs in the area. As part of the deal, Disney gifted the company a 10 year contract for exhibition space in Innoventions at Epcot. There has yet to be any sign of this coming exhibit. The new Burnham facility in central Florida opens in 2009 though.

Similarly, Microsoft recently took a keen interest in Innovention’s sister attraction in California at Disneyland. The entire lower level of Disneyland’s two-story Innoventions building is being rebuilt to become a Digital Dream Home with actors portraying the various family members in the household interacting with the new technology. Currently, there is no word of a similar experience coming to Epcot.

Recently, the signs for Innoventions were changed and the CM’s got new costumes, suggesting an overhaul of the buildings style. Still, they remain mostly untouched. The large absent sponsors suggests perhaps a major changing is coming.

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