A look around T-Rex

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Just a bit of visual aid to bring the folks at home an idea of what a dinner at the new T-Rex restaurant is like.

Once you enter, the bar is directly to the left with the aquatic theme and the store and children’s areas are to the right, with the large T-rex front and center diving the seating from the retail.

Aside from the obvious retail options…

T-Rex offers a full “Build a Dino” store which is essentially a dinosaur themed Build a Bear.

Two other interesting activities to purchase stand out. First, there are bags to purchase to pan and sift through. You wash away the debris and discover various gemstones or fossils.

You can also buy two types of geodes in various sizes (the higher the price the larger the crystals) and then crack it open in a special machine.

Nearby is an outdoor children’s play area where the little ones can dig around for fossils.

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