Resort photos coming to starting this weekend

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We’ll begin uploading our 15,000 photos and digital videos this weekend, starting with WDW hotels. Look for these in the Hotels & Resorts section. First three resorts are All-Star Movies, Port Orleans Riverside and Yacht Club. Photos include inside the room, dining, shopping, pools, amenities, the resort itself, and miscellaneous other stuff that looked interesting. Digital video includes inside the room and around the resort.

We hope these photos and video are useful to you as you decide at which resort you’re going to stay. Almost all photos will be available in at least 800 x 600 resolution, although we’ll have smaller options available for y’all with slower connections such as cellphones. Digital video is going to be direct feeds from the camera, and those are going to be many megabytes in size. We’d rather pay for the extra bandwidth than shrink these down to ten-second clips the size of postage stamps.

We expect to upload a new resort roughly every three days. We’ve also got many off-site resorts covered, and we’ll get to those, too…eventually. Photos of other parts of WDW, such as the parks, spas, and special events, will come later. Comments and feedback on the photos are welcome.