We could be completely wrong about this. In fact, I wouldn’t even read further.

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We hear from two separate sources that Disney is readying a host of new WDW discounts, to be announced during ABC’s broadcast of the WDW Christmas Parade. Travel dates would be January – March 2009. Pure speculation at this point, and we don’t have details beyond this. In any event, it’s a smart move by Disney to have a backup plan in case the latest Buy-4-Get-3-Free deal doesn’t do enough to boost occupancy. This will put further downward pressure on off-site hotel rates, too.

In related news Disney may be testing two all-you-can-eat counter-service meal plans at the Animal Kingdom:

$15 for one all-you-can-eat meal at any counter-service restaurant

$25 for two all-you-can-eat meals at any counter-service restaurant, similar to Universal’s all-you-can-eat plan

Offers for this test are to in-park visitors and through email, with some of those emails rumored to target previous WDW visitors who used their Disney room cards to charge buffet meals. Ah, data mining at its finest!

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