Mouse World Radio now available on iPhone

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Mouse World Radio streams Disney theme park audio over the Internet. It’s great to listen to while you’re doing housework or as background music at the office. In addition, iPhone users can now listen to Mouse World Radio on the go, courtesy of the free iTunes application FStream. Directions for listening are below. Reminder: It is totally awkward to be caught singing “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” at a traffic light.

How To listen to Mouse World Radio from your iPhone and iPod Touch

You will need to install the free application FStream

Once installed start the application on the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

Go to the Favorites screen of the application and press ‘edit.’

Then press ‘Add new webradio.’

Then type in ‘Mouse World Radio’ as the name of the station.

In the URL, type “”

Then press ‘save.’ The ‘format’ and ‘bit rate’ should be auto-filled the first time you connect.

Go to the play page and click on the name that you set up and, Mouse World Radio should start streaming.

Also if you want to listen to it over the 3G network, change the ‘Cellular Network’ setting on the ‘More’ tab to ‘on.’