How Space Mountain’s closure will affect Magic Kingdom touring plans

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Many of you are wondering how next month’s closure of Tomorrowland’s popular Space Mountain will affect our Magic Kingdom touring plans. We’ve been testing many alternatives including everything from just skipping Space Mountain to moving almost all of Tomorrowland’s attractions to later in the day.

For most plans the most effect strategy seems to be simply to skip Space Mountain and continue with the rest of the plan as written. This is especially true if Buzz Lightyear is also visited within a couple of steps of Space Mountain in the plan. The problem with most alternative routes is that Buzz’s standby wait times can be very long during days with large crowds, and FASTPASSes can run out. Thus, it’s best to visit Buzz in the morning, regardless of whether Space Mountain is operating.

Many thanks to the Unofficial Guide research team who slogged through the parks testing every wacky idea we could think of for this change.

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