Typhoon Lagoon Renewed

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Typhoon Lagoon recently reopened from refurbishment and our trusty crew was on hand to survey the park for any major changes. We also took the opportunity to try out a disposable underwater camera being sold at the park. While the park looks fresh and wonderful, we must admit the photos from the waterproof camera we purchased at the gift shop look like they’re from the 70’s. 

 Typhoon Lagoon

While a waterproof camera provides a great ability to catch the fun and your friends without ruining hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars of equipment, there are immediate and obvious hurdles in the image quality.  Walking into the gift shop at Typhoon Lagoon we were offered two options of waterproof camera, both the standard single use camera from Kodak and the GoPro Hero.  Both were retailing for $20 (and both are much cheaper outside the park.)


At first glance, the GoPro Hero seems to offer a “deal” compared to the disposable Kodak camera. Foremost, the GoPro is reusable. You can simply open the plastic housing and replace the film the 35mm camera. If there is anything we’d want to stress in this article: if you buy the GoPro Hero you should then open it immediately and throw out the film it comes with and replace it with higher quality film (likely to be Kodak brand). Every picture we took with the GoPro performed “ok” as far as the physical camera was concerned, but the included film quality was horrible. Colors were washed out and we needed plentiful amounts of time in Photoshop salvaging photos for this blog. 

Splashdown! Typhoon Lagoon

So why bother with a waterproof camera? Because the end result can be great memories of the fun! How else are you going to get POV-shots from family raft rides? We went down all the slides at Typhoon Lagoon (in the name of research of course) and we’ve found that the raft slides provide the best photo ops. A hint: go down a slide first without worrying about the camera to judge your ability to get a good shot, then go down again for that photo. Here’s some shots we got from the family raft slide. 

Family Raft Ride

Family Raft Ride


Family Raft Ride


Of course, you can always just get photos of your family enjoying the fun. 


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