Disney Cruise Line Updates Onboard Rebooking Terms

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One of the best ways to get a discount on a Disney Cruise is to book your next one while you’re already on a Disney Cruise. If you book during your cruise with at the Future Cruises desk, you’ll receive a 10% discount off the published fare, a reduced deposit for 7-night or longer cruises, and a $100 to $200 onboard credit depending on the length of your cruise. Guests who name a travel agent to “own” the reservation at the time of rebooking are also eligible for any onboard credits the agency may offer.

Today Disney updated the terms for rebooking offers. It’s a fairly well known tactic for guests who know they’ll be cruising again, but aren’t sure exactly when, to book a cruise while onboard and rebook it at the date they know they can cruise later to keep the booking incentives. At one time, there was no limit on how many times and how far out you could rebook, which lead some guests to “walk” their reservations as far out as five years from the date originally booked.

Last year, Disney changed this policy to only let guests rebook 18 months out from the original rebooking date. This meant that a guest on a cruise could book another cruise for a year from today and then had to actually sail on the cruise within two and a half years (18 months from a year from now). Disney also introduced blackout dates for holidays during which the incentives could not be used. Today Disney announced they have extended the 18 month window to 24 months. Blackout dates are still in effect.

Concierge cabins, IGT, OGT, and VGT restricted fares, and 2-night cruises are not eligible for onboard rebooking incentives.

The onboard rebooking flyer. ©Disney
The onboard rebooking flyer. ©Disney

The 2014 blackout dates are:
Disney Fantasy 12/20, 12/27;
Disney Dream 12/22, 12/29;
Disney Wonder 12/21, 12/26, 12/30;
Disney Magic 12/21, 12/28.

2015 blackout dates are:
Disney Fantasy 3/28, 4/4, 12/19, 12/26;
Disney Dream 3/30, 4/3, 4/6, 6/26, 7/1, 7/5, 11/23, 11/27, 12/24, 12/28, 12/31;
Disney Wonder 3/29, 4/3, 5/15, 5/17, 6/29, 10/9, 10/16, 11/20, 12/24, 12/28;
Disney Magic 3/29, 4/5, 6/29, 7/10, 11/25, 12/23, 12/27, 12/31.

2016 blackout dates are:
Disney Fantasy 3/19, 3/26;
Disney Dream 3/21, 3/25;
Disney Wonder 3/20, 3/25;
Disney Magic 3/20, 3/24.

Thank you to Sue Pisaturo at Small World Vacations for the information.

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