In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of October 31, 2014

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In Case You Missed It!
In Case You Missed It!

Muhahahaha! That’s my attempt at a spooky laugh. Did I scare you? No? Darn. I tried. Well, anyway, Happy Halloween! Make sure that if you are driving around tonight to keep an eye out for little trick-or-treaters that may be roaming the streets.

This week’s In Case You Missed It articles include a first look at the upcoming film Into The Woods, a look at bringing the “Walking Dead” maze from Halloween Horror Nights to life with the hit TV show director (and more) Greg Nicotero, and much more!

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors


Wow! It seems like just yesterday that Raglan Road opened its doors, but it has officially been in operation for 9 years! Find out why the way this restaurant is run makes it so popular with both locals and tourists and what they think about the upcoming Disney Springs refreshing of Downtown Disney.

Is it true? Is Babycakes NYC going to be included in the new Disney Springs update? The Orlando Business Journal seems to think so. Guess we’ll find out sooner, rather than later, but I bet a ton of people would be excited if this would indeed happen.

This is an issue that seems tiny, but it could have big repercussions in the long run. A few performers from Festival of The Lion King refused to go on stage because their garments accidentally touched garments that had been already used; they were then fired for refusing to go on. They are now trying to get hired back by Disney. I’m curious to see what happens with this case as it moves forward.

I love the Orlando International Airport. I love the feel, I love the smell (you know what I’m talking about; it has a distinct smell), I love everything about it. And apparently so do a lot of other people. It was named by Mashable as one of the best airports in the country.

One of the best parts of Halloween at Disneyland are the fantastic pumpkins carved at the Big Thunder Ranch Carnival. Check out the incredible designs from this year! I wish I was that talented. Sadly, I’m not anywhere close.

Speaking of awesome Halloween traditions at Disneyland, have you heard of the story of The Halloween Tree? Read the history behind the fun sharpie pumpkins.

Did you know that 60 years ago this week the Disneyland show debuted on ABC? Did you ever get to watch it the first time it aired?

Do you know the story of Walt’s Garage studio? I came across this in-depth look at Walt’s first “studio” at his Uncle Robert’s garage. Fascinating.

Which hit franchise is bigger – Marvel or Star Wars? The Motley Fool takes a look at the very large question of which of the two were likely the better investment. Which do you think is the better option of the two franchises?

Before you answer the question…maybe you should read this next blurb first. Unless you just simply don’t follow social media at all, you couldn’t have missed the big movie announcements from Marvel this week about the third phase of film releases. Which one are you most excited to see and why?

Are you as excited for Into the Woods as I am? It looks spectacular and thanks to this first look of the film, we get a better glimpse of what we can expect to see on December 25 when the movie is released in theaters.

If you’re a fan of Halloween Horror Nights, you know that one of the major components of this year’s event is The Walking Dead with this year’s maze taking guests on the path to Terminus. Well in an interview with MTV, Greg Nicotero, who brings The Walking Dead to life, talks about bringing Halloween Horror Nights to life. (Plus more.)

In Case We Missed It


What did we miss? Attach your ideas to an copy of the soundtrack for Nightmare Before Christmas (perfect playlist for tonight’s Halloween festivities) and send them to with the words “In Case You Missed It” in the subject line.

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