Star Wars Weekends 2015 Touring Plan Updates

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Star Wars Weekends 2015 Touring PlansThere have been quite a few changes over the past few years to Star Wars Weekends, and we’ve gone through both of our related Touring Plans to make sure they work best for you. Both of our specialized Star Wars Weekend Touring Plans now end with the Symphony in the Stars fireworks spectacular, which is the best way to end your day in a galaxy far, far away.

The Star Wars Weekends Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children also includes time to sign your child up for the Jedi Training Academy, as well as placeholders for both Star Wars themed character meals. Each of these meals are great for kids, and as with all of our plans, you can easily just skip them if they don’t apply to you. The remainder of this plan involves seeing the Padawan Mind Challenge, riding Star Tours, seeing the Celebrity Motorcade, and meeting some Star Wars characters, with plenty of extra time for other attractions or some Star Wars merchandise shopping.

If you are more interested in meeting the Star Wars-related celebrities that attend Star Wars Weekends, the Star Wars Weekends Touring Plans for Adults – Focus on Celebrity Autographs is perfect for you. This plan suggests a nice early arrival to procure your place in your autograph line of choice, as well as plenty of time to meet your favorite celebrity (although as of this writing we don’t yet know which celebrities will be attending Star Wars Weekends 2015). It also includes a trip over to the Star Wars seminars, which are being held at the theater where Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage is normally found, as well as stops by the parade, Jedi Training Academy, and Star Tours.

One important thing to remember when using our Star Wars Weekends plans is that they contain specialty items such as extra time to meet characters or celebrities. What this means is that copying these plans to your personal Touring Plans account will likely have unexpected results. It is possible to create your own Star Wars Touring Plan using our Personalized Touring Plans and getting creative with adding “rest” steps, but we recommend following our pre-arranged plans in most cases.

May the Force, and the Touring Plans, be with you.

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