In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of November 13, 2015

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ICYMITwo major films are coming out from Disney this holiday season…and the heat is increasing on the marketing of both of these films lately. This week’s articles take a good look at both of those films, as well as some additional news.

Let’s get to the fun!

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors


Ariana Grande was late to the taping of the Disney Christmas Celebration. What happened next is amazing.

Walt Disney World is taking back elephants from the troubled National Elephant Center.

Interesting. That’s the best word to describe this new technology that Disney is working on. The EM-Sense smart watch can identify what specific objects the wearer is touching at any given moment.

Take a look at Disney’s theme park attendance for the fourth quarter.

Through, Disney helps to broaden participation in science tutorials, students will learn to write code, creating fun challenges and games using Star Wars characters.

Are you ready to just keep swimming? It’s almost time! Here’s the teaser trailer for Finding Dory.

Excited for The Good Dinosaur? Take a look at this new clip courtesy of USA Today showcasing Arlo getting an important assignment from the T-Rexes.

Pixar had to change the rules with this upcoming film. See how.

Star Wars dominates Entertainment Weekly this week. Take a peek.

Last week I mentioned about the fans and Star Wars actors who attempted to allow the man who was terminally ill the opportunity to get to see the film early. He did get to see the film, but unfortunately, I must also report that he has passed.

Disney loses a Princess…she’s not Princess Leia any longer.

Disney is working to adapt the upcoming fantasy novel “The Explorers Club” into a movie with producer Michael De Luca, according to Variety.

Here are 17 super facts you should know about The Incredibles.

If you’ll be attending Celebration of Harry Potter for 2016, here is a look at the celebrities you’ll have the opportunity to see.

In Case We Missed It

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