Walt Disney World Holiday Merchandise Review

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Like a runaway Polar Express, the holiday shopping season is moving quickly to its conclusion. Whether you’re planning a trip for the holiday season, or just want to have a Disney touch for the holidays in your house, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some picks for holiday gifts that we’d like to see under the tree. Not in the area? Many of these items can be ordered directly from the Shop Parks app.

For the Home

I’m an anti-“stuff” person at heart. Every so often, Disney comes out with items that warm the heart of my Grinch-like demeanor. These Bambi-themed table items win on so many levels for me. First, although there’s nothing wrong with Mickey and Minnie, having other characters is a great change of pace. Second, they have a very classy look to them and don’t feel cartoonish.





If you have to have Mickey and Minnie, though, there are plenty of choices. Some are very classy.


Others just seem a bit….different.


For the Kids

One of our favorite things to do around the holidays is build a gingerbread house. Although my preference is either to bake the whole thing from scratch or to buy a house already built and just decorate it, Disney does have a kit for you to assemble and decorate on your own. Special thank you to the folks at Art of Animation for putting one together, too.





Is your kid a Star Wars fan? (Or are you a kid at heart?) How about this holiday droid for their collection. Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure this didn’t appear in the Star Wars Holiday Special, even though it would make a good Lifeday gift.


There’s plenty of plush toys for sale in a variety of characters. Pluto the reindeer or Mickey as Santa are great, but I’m really digging this Donald Duck, complete with a “captured” Dale.


And for the kid in all of us, you can’t go wrong with a train set.




In general, holiday apparel feels like throwing money away. Sure, you can wear it for year to year–that’s because you only wear it once or twice a year. For those people who feel the need for Disneyfying their holiday wardrobe, there’s some items to choose from.




And truth told, I do like this one for the shiny factor. If it ends up at the outlets in my size…



Gifts for Everyone

Out of the merchandise for this year, I think this is one of the more tasteful items in the unique item category. It’s a music box. It’s a piece of décor. It holds shortbread. Seriously, what’s not to love about this Holiday Shortbread Musical Tin? (Answer: This one is only available for in-store purchase.)



Don’t know what to get that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? Gift cards are always a safe bet. This year, you can get a little something extra, too. Special gift cards are available that come with a limited-edition pin. Sadly, it is only the $75 denomination of gift card with the free pin, but other holiday gift cards are still available, too.




I could do a riveting 20-part series on ornaments because there are just so many out there. I did want to highlight two in particular, though.

First, the Holidays Around the World ornament, which vaguely reminds me of the sold-out Osborne Lights ornament, but doesn’t appear to be selling nearly as fast.


And second, I just love this ornament for its design and colors. I have two cats and a kid and our tree is in our tile-floor living room. Beautiful though it is, I will admire it at the store.


Hanukkah Merchandise

At many of the larger stores at Walt Disney World, you can find a limited selection of Hanukkah merchandise. Although I’d pass on things like the plate or mug, the dreidel set is cute, and the pin is well done.




Outside the World

Even though this isn’t Disney merchandise, I had to include this on my list, because who doesn’t love a Lapu Lapu served in a pineapple. To up the presentation, Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers two higher-end pineapples–one in copper and one in crystal.



Off to the Outlets

Not every item can be a winner, even at Disney. Here’s my predictions for items that are going to end up at the Outlets at a deep discount in the future.

Nutcrackers are creepy. Olaf can be creepy. So an Olaf Nutcracker — yeah, that’s creepy.


Disney has been making shoe-shaped ornaments for a while now, and I must admit that I don’t get it. But in the “I really really don’t get it”, may I present to you a pink tabletop tree adorned with shoes. See you real soon in a future Outlet report!


Any of these items make your nice list, or do you think they’re going to be residents at the Island of Misfit Merchandise? Let us know in the comments!

Julia Mascardo

Freelance writer and editor, living the dream in Central Florida with my husband, cats, and totally awesome homeschooled ten-year-old daughter.

2 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Holiday Merchandise Review

  • December 13, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Bought the blue and gold ornament last week as a gift for my sister. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  • December 15, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    Would you mind sharing where the adorable vintage looking items were from your first two pictures? We arrive on January 1st, and I would love to look at these in person!! Thank you!


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