In Case You Missed It: News and Rumors – Week of October 5, 2018

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Happy anniversary Epcot and Magic Kingdom! What are some of your favorite memories of these parks? I want to hear them in the comments.

I’m officially back and boy do I have a lot of news and rumors for you this week!  This week, there have been a lot of rumors swirling around for the future, cutbacks of other Walt Disney World experiences, and more. Let’s read on, shall we?

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

It appears that thanks to cutbacks, Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial has ended. Will you miss this show?

More Walt Disney World cutbacks appear the be happening, as PizzeRizzo may be going seasonal. (It was already practically that way anyway, as most of the time it was only opened limited hours.)

The Disney Springs parking garages are getting a new piece of technology and I gotta be honest, I don’t know how I feel about this one. What about you?

Who wants a boozy push pop? You can now get one at the Walt Disney World Resort in Disney Springs!

Target’s exclusive Blu-ray release of Solo: A Star Wars Story contains a 13-minute video about the upcoming Star Wars lands, and it reveals a ton of new info about the Falcon ride.

About 350 siblings separated in foster care were reunited at Disneyland recently. The “Disney Days” are organized by Together We Rise, a nonprofit “dedicated to transforming the way kids experience foster care in America.”

Did you see the viral sensation of the two little ones dressed as Slinky Dog? It’s not the only adorable costume that’s been showcased!

Are we getting an India pavilion at Epcot? That’s what the latest rumors indicate. Speaking of Epcot rumors, the rumors are swirling that Mary Poppins and Coco themed attractions may be in the works too.

In another Disney live action movie that I didn’t know we needed, apparently we’re going to get a Lilo and Stitch live action film.

Get your Mickey Mouse themed birthday Oreos now! Yum!

Bob Iger recently opened up about his plan for a Netflix rival, ESPN’s politics problem and how #MeToo has changed Disney, as he was named at the top of the THR 100 for the third year in a row.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is world’s top theme park, according to TripAdvisor.

We have our first glimpse of what to expect with the upcoming Harry Potter-themed coaster. First, it appears that it will occur in the Forbidden Forest and there may be Cornish Pixies involved. (Those little boogers!)

In Case We Missed It

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