Monthly Merchandise Report: November 2018

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The holiday spirit has started to sneak its way into theme park stores. This month, I’m wandering around Tomorrowland to look at merchandise, plus a couple items that may make someone’s holiday shopping list. (Hint, hint.)

First, a couple of exclusive shirts for the Very Merry Christmas party. Here’s the adult shirt….

And here’s one for kids.

If you like the adult design but aren’t attending the Very Merry, have no fear — the design is used on other shirts that are “open release”.

The design also appears on a glitter-filled ornament.

And this very unusual mug, which has a lid. I love the design, but I know that the lid is just asking to be shattered in a million pieces on my tile floors.

Holiday shirts can be hit or miss for me, but there are some really cute designs out this year. This shirt is for kids, but would also do great in adult sizes.

For the adults, you’ve got this option.

There’s also some really cute designs made with sequins. Don’t you just love the holiday sparkle?

I think this may be the one I like best. You can’t go wrong with that sentiment.

Of course it wouldn’t be Disney merchandise without ears — here’s the holiday ones.

If you’re like me and enjoy decorating for the holidays, Disney has you covered. I’m not usually a fan of putting up seasonal signs, but this one is pretty cute.

There’s also this light-up castle, which isn’t as objectionable as the Cake Castle, but still is a bit….odd? What do you think?

The year 2018 was the year of the spirit jersey, and I think we can all agree that we’re so completely tired of them that we can’t wait until they all disappear into a flaming lake of….OMG TIKI ROOM SPIRIT JERSEYS!!!??!!!

And Haunted Mansion??


And Pirates!!???!!

And Small World??!!???!! Carry on, Disney.

And yes, I think it is awesome that there’s a Monster’s University spirit jersey, too.

But this “fuzzy jersey”…. you shoulda quit while you were ahead, Disney!

Although I also have to point out that on the Sunday following the start of the Very Merry party, the Not So Scary spirit jerseys were still on sale — at full price — in Tomorrowland.


Coming soon to an Outlet Report near you.

And now to wrap up, a few items that I can actually see people being happy about getting for the holidays. First, the print-on-demand store next to Space Mountain has an interesting phone case design you can print. You know those sliding puzzles that you hated as a kid? Well, you can now torture yourself by having it made into a phone case.

Also on the list of “cool, but not entirely well thought out” was this Mad Tea Party teacup purse–that is designed to attach to a lanyard or a belt loop. I love the design, but it’s pretty crazy bulky.

Speaking of Alice, this pocketwatch looks amazing, but I would never want to wear it as a necklace. What about putting that on a lanyard clip, though? Here’s the outside.

And inside, a working pocketwatch. Pretty cool, eh?

For your favorite Instagrammer, here’s a shirt that they probably would never wear when posting to their feed.

But you might see them wearing these “Minnie Bar” ears (complete with bite taken out of the ears) or the matching lanyard/belt loop clip purse thing. (At least this design works better for clipping onto things!)


And in my prediction of things that we’ll see at the outlets soon, there’s this interesting tsum tsum set, which comes with WALL*E, Eve, and Mo in a B&L plush lunchbox cooler. Not a bad set, but what really pushes it over the top is that it also includes WALL*E’s pet cockroach as a tsum tsum! Thankfully, it’s cute. But it still is a cockroach tsum tsum.


Speaking of cute, I had to share this one even though I didn’t see it in Tomorrowland. As I was walking out through the Emporium, this caught my eye. If you’ve seen one of the Wreck-It Ralph trailers, you may recognize these two. Yes, it is a kitty holding a milkshake, and a bunny holding a pancake. Who doesn’t want to adopt these two cuties??

That’s it for this month–tune in next month when I’m counting down some of the best merch from around Walt Disney World. Can’t wait for your consumer fix for that long? Derek will be back at the end of the month with the Outlet Report for all the merch that was….less successful.

I wonder if they’d cut me a discount on the Figment one if I took the display model. Now if only I could find someone named Derek that I could give that to…


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2 thoughts on “Monthly Merchandise Report: November 2018

  • November 15, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you for the lovely update. I am also wondering about the fuzzy spirit jersey…but the other ones are great! I forget how expensive Disney is sometimes though. $65. Crazy.

  • November 16, 2018 at 9:06 am

    If they had put those shiny Disney D’s diagonal it would have been a funny homage to Chewy for the fuzzy spirit jersey


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