In Case You Missed It: News and Rumors – Week of November 30, 2018

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This week has been the LONGEST!!!! Who else agrees with me? Five day weeks are for the birds. ūüėČ

There were a lot of interesting articles that came out this week! We see two new movie trailers, learn about a new lawsuit for Disney and Fox, and see what’s going on over at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. And that’s just to start!

In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors

Alert! If you ate at Morimoto Asia from November 6th and November 16th, you may need to visit a doctor. One of their workers tested positive for Hepatitis A.

Walt Disney World Guests will soon have a new hotel to visit….The Cove is going to be the new section built as part of the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin resorts.

There’s a new boutique that’s open onboard Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Fantasy….BVLGARI. Will you shop here?

Could Disneyland Paris see a massive increase? It looks like Disneyland Paris is set to double its visitor capacity, triple the number of hotel rooms and possibly building a third theme park by 2030.

Disney and Fox are being sued for $1.75 billion, as they are being accused of ‚Äúimproperly‚ÄĚ pulling the plug on a long-planned ‚Äúfirst-class, worldclass‚ÄĚ and under construction ‚ÄúFox World‚ÄĚ theme park on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

This is extremely interesting and I look forward to learning more about what’s going on here.¬†Audi and Disney have teamed for a¬† project that will be revealed at CES 2019. (That’s in January….)

With the recent debut of The Lion King trailer that debuted this past week and its massive success, The Hollywood Reporter looks at these Disney remakes and asks a very important question. Should Disney be taking more creative risks with these films or should they continue to be almost identical to their original versions?

Speaking of trailers that dropped…did you see the teaser trailer for Artemis Fowl? What do you think of this movie? Are you excited for it? Or do you think it will go the way of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms or A Wrinkle in Time?

Did you catch The Wonderful World of Disney’s Magical Holiday Celebration? What did you think?

Funny! Dick Van Dyke actually PAID Walt to be Mr. Dawes Sr. in Mary Poppins!

Ralph Breaks the Internet topped the box office with a hefty $84.5 million. This was the second-best opening of all time for the five-day weekend behind Frozen ($93.6 million). Did you see the film? what did you think?

In Case We Missed It

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