TouringPlans Best of YouTube 2018 (Part 1)

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We’re counting down the hits from 2018 with some classic videos that you just couldn’t get enough of.

Brian with a map is always a fan favorite, but Brian plus a map plus rope dropping Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Fun stuff!


From early morning to late at night, Brian is always on the go. Here’s his review of Magic Kingdom After Hours.



Working at TouringPlans is truly a team effort. Sometimes that means getting the team together to figure out what order you should ride the headliners at Epcot. (Spoiler: It’s much easier if all the rides actually open in the morning!)



Another team effort — rope dropping Magic Kingdom as a team to test how much a difference a half hour makes in the morning when it comes to wait times.




And last, but not least, Angela bravely took on Magic Kingdom without any FastPass+ reservations–how many headliners was she able to do before the park got too busy?





We’ll be counting down more of your favorites next week, but let us know — did you have a favorite moment in TouringPlans videos? Check them all out on our YouTube page.






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