6 Changes We Saw at Walt Disney World This Week and Beyond, August 15, 2021

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Our in-parks team is in Disney theme parks every week recording wait times, trying food, soaking in the atmosphere, and looking for any changes that might impact your vacation. Here’s six changes that stood out to us this week.

Construction Update on Disney’s Polynesian Resort Entrance

In the ongoing construction project at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, we’re starting to get an idea of what the finished product will look like at the Great Ceremonial Hall. Should be very colorful when completed!


Halloween Decor Continues at Magic Kingdom

In preparation for the start of Boo Bash events that happened this week, fall decor finished popping up everywhere. Don’t you just love those Mickey pumpkins?

Boo Bash Begins

Speaking of Boo Bash, this after-hours Halloween event started this week, and it was a lot of fun, but was it worth the price? We’re crunching the numbers and will have a more detailed review soon, but you can see our first look here.

Halloween Treats and Merchandise Appear at Parks

And because you can never have enough Halloween, or so I’ve been told, new exciting merchandise and foods have started appearing all around Walt Disney World. Here’s just some of what we found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for fun treats.

Harmoinous Testing Spotted

Harmonious testing is ongoing in preparation for its fall debut. As we left Magic Kingdom late in the evening after the first Boo Bash, we spotted fireworks testing. We’re excited to see how this show turns out!

Disney Dream Returns to Sailing

But the big news for the week for us wasn’t in the parks at all–it was at sea with the Disney Dream’s return to sailing! We had so much coverage on our social media channels and blog, and you can read some of the posts here:

Disney Dream Embarkation Experience

Disney Dream Day 1

Disney Dream Day 2

Disney Dream Day 3

Disney Dream Day 4

What do you think of this week’s changes at Walt Disney World and beyond? Let us know in the comments!

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