9 Changes We Saw at Walt Disney World This Week, August 22, 2021

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Our in-parks team is in Disney theme parks every week recording wait times, trying food, soaking in the atmosphere, and looking for any changes that might impact your vacation. Here’s nine changes that stood out to us this week.

Trees Removed from Frontierland

A lot of sprucing up has been done in Frontierland lately, but this also includes a lack of spruce (or oak, actually) with the removal of several large trees. Unfortunately, this was probably a necessity for safety issues, as many of the trees in that area have been around for decades.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups Available for Hours

This week had quite a surprise when boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance didn’t fill up within the first minute or two on a couple of days. Although there’s no guarantee, this was the first time that any of us can remember that you could walk into Hollywood Studios after 1 p.m. and snag a boarding group. Lower attendance? Less interest? We’ll be keeping an eye on it!

50th Banners Going Up Around Walt Disney World

In preparation for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, banners and decorations are starting to go up. The official party start begins October 1.

Scrims Down around Main Street Train Station

No train in the train station yet on Main Street USA but the scrims covering the station are now down and the revitalized station looks beautiful!

Beauty and the Beast Reopens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Be Our Guest! Beauty and the Beast is now back performing stage shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is a wonderful option to help provide places for people to rest their feet and enjoy a classic bit of Disney storytelling.

Boneyard Reopens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you’ve got active kids, this one is for you. The Boneyard at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a massive playground space, has reopened.

Beaches and Cream To Go Window Reopens

Just in time for the dog days of summer, the to-go window at Beaches and Cream is open. We had to stop by to get a couple scoops, and it was as wonderful as ever.

Boma is Back!

Boma has reopened! We stopped by on Thursday for breakfast and Friday night for dinner. You can read the breakfast review here, and we’ll have the dinner review coming soon.

More Painting Completed at it’s a small world


And, finally for this week, we’ve been watching the new painting going on for it’s a small world, and it looks FANTASTIC. So colorful and vibrant — Mary Blair would be delighted!

That’s it for this week. Which item are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.


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