9 Changes We Saw at Walt Disney World This Week, July 18, 2021

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Our in-parks team is in Disney theme parks every week recording wait times, trying food, soaking in the atmosphere, and looking for any changes that might impact your vacation. Here’s nine changes that stood out to us this week.

Food and Wine Festival Begins

No, this isn’t some sort of alternate timeline — it is actually July and it is actually the start of the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival. Some booths made their debut this past Thursday, and others will be added in towards October 1.

Remaining Animal Kingdom Games Reopen

The games over at Animal Kingdom have been opening bit by bit since last year, but now they are all finally open. These games can be pricey depending on how much you want to try and win, but the prizes are cute.

Warung Outpost Reopens

Also in Animal Kingdom, Warung Outpost has reopened in time for the summer heat. This small kiosk offers frozen drinks, including the Shangri-La Berry Freeze.

Testing of Lights on Harmonious Barge

EPCOT continues to move closer to the launch of Harmonious as lights are being tested on the main barge. We’re really excited to see this new show later this year.

The NPH Black Magic Margarita

Neil Patrick Harris is a huge Disney fan, and he also has really good taste in drinks! Over at Choza de Margarita in EPCOT, you can get the Black Magic frozen margarita — Ojo de Tigre mezcal, blackberry puree, LeJay black currant liqueur, lime, and mint. It’s pricey at $21, but it is also really good.

Games at Spaceship Earth Return

The post-show area at Spaceship Earth has reopened with the games available to play that let you explore all sorts of technology of the future.

Fun Decor in Living with the Land

To celebrate Food and Wine Festival, take a ride on Living with the Land. There’s some delightful decor around to help get you in the harvest mood — oh, and can you spot the hidden Mickey on the picnic blanket?

Continued Progress on TRON

Construction continues on the TRON coaster at Magic Kingdom. It’s still a long ways off, but every little bit added helps build the excitement.

So Many Babies at Animal Kingdom!

If you’re a fan of baby animals, Animal Kingdom is the place to be. This week, a new hippo was born, and you can sometimes spot the baby from Kilimanjaro Safaris.

There’s also a flamboyance of baby flamingos running about. (Anyone else think they look like dodo birds or have I been playing too much Animal Crossing?)


In June, Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomed a new giraffe, and you can spot it out on the savanna in Kilimanjaro Safaris as well.

And finally, Baby Grace has some competition for cuteness! Congrats to Gino and Azizi on their new bundle of joy!

Special thanks to Sam for the adorable photo of mom and baby.

What do you think of this week’s changes at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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