All Star Suites delayed until June 11

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For months, our hotel team has had a June 4 reservation for the All Star Music Suites. When our team arrived in WDW to check in on June 4, they were told the suites were not quite ready for guests, and probably wouldn’t be ready until June 11. In the meantime, Disney’s offering families with AS Music Suites reservations a complimentary upgrade to a deluxe resort.

The problem with this trade is that everyone’s in the same room, so when it’s bedtime for one person, it’s bedtime for everyone. (Conversely, if it’s not bedtime for everyone, it’s bedtime for no one. Parents will understand better than anyone what this means.)

Our suggestion is to politely explain to Disney that you booked a suite in order to have some adult-only time to relax while the children slept. And we’d politely insist on a suite somewhere else, since it’s a “like-for-like” swap, whereas a single deluxe room isn’t like-for-like.

Disney’s surely known for days that these rooms would be unavailable, and they also knew the names and phone numbers of the families who’ve booked the rooms. If you didn’t get a phone call from Disney in advance of your stay to inform you that your room would not be ready, we’d also point that out to Disney, too. Had you known, you could have made alternate arrangements at a suite elsewhere, right?

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