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American Film Institute Showcase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Close

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Disney's Hollywood StudiosThe shop and exhibit located at the end of the Studios Backlot Tour, known as the American Film Institute Showcase and Shop, will be closing on August 17.

The walk-through exhibit features many iconic movie props and unique costumes from past and present day movies. The current showcase is called “The Best in Film: AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies,” and features items based off of AFI’s “Greatest” lists.

The shop that is connected to the exhibit features collectible merchandise (including items that had previously been found at Sid Cahuenga’s, which closed last year to make way for a MyMagic+ Service Center). Merchandise for sale includes things like autographs, movie props, and more. The merchandise and collectibles will not be relocated and will no longer be available at the park.

The Studios Backlot Tour will continue to operate as normal at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; however, guests will no longer exit through this exhibit area.

Disney has not officially announced anything specific that will be taking over the space, but the company claims to be working on finalizing a new concept for the next experience to take residence in the venue.

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8 thoughts on “American Film Institute Showcase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Close

  • I have to wonder if this is a step on the way to eventually removing the Backlot Tour entirely; it keeps getting cut down to make room for other things. I for one think it’s a shame— it seemed like one of the few places (in an entire park themed after Hollywood, ironically) where we could actually get up close with costumes or props or other memorabilia.

  • That’s really too bad. But I get it. Lots of people just breeze through there. We like to read and look at EVERYTHING in there, no matter how many times we’ve seen it. It’s not unusual for us to still be in there after 2 or 3 tours have gone through.

  • We always breeze through there but will stop to look briefly at more notable things from movies while still only taking a few minutes in there. I never take photos or videos of anything in there; I think we’re like most people, not paying too much attention

  • Daisy Lauren

    Thanks for the heads up, you know what I’ll be doing this weekend! 😉

  • We loved looking at the stuff here. We’ll miss it for sure!

  • I for one will welcome our new Cars Land Overlords!

  • Maybe Disney are keen to move away from the Pearl Harbor theme that dominates a good portion of the attraction?
    Japanese visitors have become a very important part of Orlando’s tourism industry since the arrival of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
    Sad to see this stuff go though.

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