American Idol Isn’t Half Bad

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The American Idol experience is up and running daily shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. Our intrepid reporters braved the experience to report back with some good news.

First off, don’t worry about having to arrive terribly early for a show unless it’s a peak day on the crowd calendar. The waiting area opens up roughly 45 minutes before the show and slowly begins to fill. Only in the final 10-15 minutes to showtime does it appear to become “full” on a normal day and often more guests are admitted once the show has begun loading into the main theater. An entertaining preshow plays on overhead screens and runs in a constant loop which is times in sequence with the show itself. It does include full blown Coca Cola commercials in case anyone in your party is squeamish when it comes to crass product advertising.

Inside the main theater the seats are comfortable if a bit cramped and the hosts even explain a proper voting technique to not poke the person next to you in the eye with your elbow. The stage is a dazzling scale-down replica of the real American Idol stage. We were impressed with the technical quality of the whole presentation.

The experience, much to our surpise, is worth the hour of your life (30minutes of show plus waiting and loading). The cast is energetic and the guest talent is often surprisingly good. If hearing someone belt out Disney tunes then perhaps this attraction isn’t for you, but does make a nice addition to the a park themed to showbiz.

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