Blog Appearance and Stability

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The Blog ( has been experiencing problems in late May 2018, and those are continuing into June.

To bring stability to our blog and continue to share content with you all, we have switched temporarily to a simpler blog template (the purple one) that has far fewer features. We apologize if this is jarring, but given the choice of having a non-functional blog or the purple blog, we chose the latter.

You may see further appearance changes over the coming days and weeks as our work continues, and the purple template (or other different templates) may be used. Thank you for your patience while we evaluate our technology and move to better long-term solutions.

If you have feedback for (either about the blog or something else), please see our Contact Us page. That is the only effective way to communicate with us.

Finally, although we generally prefer that you visit to get your blog content, note that this blog has an RSS feed that you can access from any RSS Reader that you’d like to use. That would give you more control over the appearance of the content that you read, making it so that changes to our template do not disrupt your blog-reading experience.

Thanks for reading the Blog!

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One thought on “Blog Appearance and Stability

  • June 2, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks for updating us. We complain only because we love. 🙂


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