Buses that bad? Return of the rental car?

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We’ve been hearing several reports from cast members and guests that Disney is cutting back bus service at Walt Disney World and the wait times for buses between parks and resorts is beginning to skyrocket.

The waits for buses previously were sometimes sporadic, but generally tolerable and mostly on-time. Now we are hearing consistent reports of long waits and major delays. Add to these first-hand reports the offhand comments from various cast members that Disney has reduced capacity in the face of gas prices – and there seems to be credibility to this problem.

Guests in the more distant past relied more heavily on their own personal transportation, be it rental car from the airport or family sedan driven across the country. In recent years the reliance on Disney transportation has gone up substantially and the various parking lots have become much less crowded. If the problems with the buses continue, the situation can expect to rebound and the vehicles will return to the parking lots as it appears that driving yourself from point to point is becoming the most reasonable option.

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