In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of January 31, 2014

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In Case You Missed It!

Extra! Extra! I’ve got the Disney News and Rumors that you missed this week.
Which one’s your favorite?

In Case You Missed It – Disney News and Rumors

I love the back stories of how Disney Legends came to work for the company. So many took such different paths that are quite intriguing. I came across a great article this week about one such Disney Legend, Charlie Ridgeway. It’s a multi-parter, so a few days later, part two shared the story of Charlie working as the Disneyland beat reporter for the L.A. Times-Mirror and then getting hired to work for the company. I’ll be sure to share the rest of this fascinating series with you when it comes out! (I am anxiously awaiting more, myself!)

Ever wondered how Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney California Adventure has changed, from an aerial point of view? This article has some incredibly cool photos of just that and more! While the article talks about stuff that most of us Disney fans already know, the things that really drew my attention were the photographs.

If you know what Hidden Mickeys are, then you must know the author of the popular Hidden Mickeys books and website, Steve Barrett. Well, Disney knows who he is, too, and it’s come to my attention that the company has bestowed upon him a wonderful honor. You see, at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, in the newly refurbished food court, there is a hidden Steve Barrett! Check out how you can find it, along with a couple of other awesome Hidden Mickeys. (PS: Congrats on the honor, Steve!)

While ground has officially broken for Avatarland, many still question the use of Avatar as the theme of the land. (I’m one of them.) This week, Imagineer Joe Rohde and Avatar producer Jon Landau were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to discuss this new land and give a few more details on why the World of Pandora is a fit for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was an interesting discussion that at the very least made me think for a bit. (Still not sold on Avatar, though I at least have some hope for the land.)

Disney Cruise Line really is among the best of the best, and this Conde Naste Travelers Readers Poll of the Top 100 Cruise Ships in the world proves it. The ships ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. But in which order? You’ll just have to read the article to find out. (PS: I think you may be surprised. I know I was!)

In other awesome accolades for DCL, according to USA Today, Castaway Cay is one of the best cruise-lined owned private islands. And I think that anyone who has visited would resoundingly agree.

So, I mean it’s obvious that Frozen is just this huge juggernaut…I mean, it’s being re-released back into many theaters this weekend as a sing-along (follow the bouncing butt…I mean snowflake). Because of that, it’s generating a ton of buzz online too. Here’s one interesting read where they discuss “7 Moments That Made Frozen The Most Progressive Disney Movie Ever.” (I would agree.) Also, did you know that Elsa was originally conceived to be the bad character in the movie? Read about why they changed the the direction of the movie and how that change likely helped to propel Frozen into the huge blockbuster that it is.

Did you happen to catch The Grammys this past weekend? If you did, you may have seen the new trailer for the upcoming Maleficent movie. In it, Angelina Jolie shows off her Villain Side as the titular character. (Would that be considered as the villain’s Disney Side?) There’s also a haunting version of singer Lana Del Rey covering the song “Once Upon a Dream.” Catch both over at Moviefone.

We’ve all heard, thanks to the massive announcement last week, that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley will be offering a ton of great new shopping and dining establishments. One such snack area is Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, which will serve up the infamous strawberry/peanut butter ice cream mentioned in the books. Until you can actually get this treat in the park, I’ve found a recipe that will allow you to make a version of it at home! This will have to tide us all over until the real deal debuts this summer.

Speaking about the Wizarding World, I came across an interesting article that asks the question that I think so many of us who have been paying attention to what Universal’s doing have been asking. The article’s title…Can The Magic Kingdom Outduel a Boy Wizard? Check it out. I’m also curious as to your thoughts on the matter.

In Case We Missed It

What did we miss? Send your idea attached along with a copy of the The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (the above recipe made me hungry) and send both to with the words “In Case You Missed It” in the subject line.

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