Daisy’s Best Week Ever April 13, 2017: Wilderness Lodge Resort Update

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Hello, friends! It’s that time of week again when we share our best week ever! However, this week is going to be a little different. My family has opted for Silver passes this year, meaning our passes were blocked out this past weekend. Since Disney parks were out of the question, I set out to tour Disney’s Wilderness Lodge instead. The lodge looks amazing walking up to it early in the morning.

The front porte cochère is so grand! Right away I was a little surprised there wasn’t more activity despite the early hour. I’m used to seeing all sorts of folks buzzing around at a Disney property. Poking around the resort later it looks like half the rooms are under renovation, which explains why things were quiet. While that does mean there’s some construction noise, I think it’s worth staying here for the slim crowds.

But wait, there’s more! Come with me for a tour of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe, and a sneak peek at the Easter Eggs on display at Disney’s Grand Floridian.

Below is the incredible lobby view inside the lodge. Not pictured is the other side of the lobby wrapped in burlap to hide renovation efforts. It seems like they’re making massive changes as we saw entire rooms gutted.

This totem pole over by the gift shop is one of my absolute favorite things on the entire resort. I love seeing some Disney whimsy in and otherwise rustic space.

And if you love the totem pole as much as I do, they are for sale in the gift shop! Below is a photo holder, but they also have figurines and magnets. If this design doesn’t float your boat there’s plenty of other swag you can purchase with the resort logo. I think it’s great they’ve started selling resort specific merchandise.

Before we head off to breakfast I have to show off one more cool thing about the lobby. This bridge goes over a bubbling brook that appears to flow from inside the lodge to outside. It’s so unique, I’m glad it’s still here as I’m sure it’s something difficult to maintain. It’s the cutest thing to watch little kids be completely fascinated by this indoor bridge!

Next we headed over to Whispering Canyon Cafe to try breakfast for the first time. While we’ve eaten here for other meals, this was our first time trying breakfast. If you aren’t familiar with this dining spot it’s a rowdy and not right for anyone that takes themselves too seriously. We’ve always sat in the main dining room (Pictured below left), but were seated in the library this time (pictured below right). I really liked the calm, quiet atmosphere in the library, but my hubby missed the chaos of the main dining room.


Easter Duffy helped us display the bottomless breakfast skillet we enjoyed that morning. It was like our own personal buffet! We don’t care for sausage gravy, so that’s why it’s missing below. They were happy to bring us more of anything until we had our fill. It was definitely something we’d do again!

While we were poking around the property I also walked through Artist Point. This is a place we haven’t visited in years. We’ve gotten burned by so many times by Disney Signature dining restaurants that I’d just given up for a while. The menu looks delicious so we’ve added it on our list of things to do soon. Here’s hoping it’s better than recent experiences! 🙂

Next we planned to check out Roaring Fork but it was completely closed. I found out later that it’s under refurbishment now that a new quick service has opened on property over at Geyser Point. I figured the epic hallway to get there was still worth including! 😉

Outside we finally saw all the construction. There is a lot happening at the property. There are walls and white, plastic fences up all over the place. Scaffolding is completely running up one side of the building and materials have been left on the ground and covered by tarps. Needless to say it looks less than magical.


But, if you look the other way there are still some beautiful views! Like I said, I think this is a great time to stay here if you can ignore all the work happening.


Next we headed over to check out Geyser Point. On the way we saw much more of the resort was hiding behind fences. We could see through the fences that work is nearly complete with the pool. The entire area looks fresh, like it has just been landscaped.

But the real highlight is Geyser Point Bar & Grill. I didn’t really understand reading about it, who wants to sit outside and wait in line for food? But as soon as we walked out it instantly clicked. This is an absolute oasis! The breeze is lovely off of Bay Lake and it keeps this entire area very pleasant.


And you can’t beat the view! It’s hard to remember you’re in Disney when you can see this from your table! We’d just eaten so we didn’t try anything here, but I’d love to visit again sometime soon. The menu looks great and the bar inviting. If they aren’t too picky about parking I can see this becoming a hangout for us!

Since we’d seen most of the resort we decided to hop a boat and do a little resort hopping. On the way we got caught by the geyser! I was excited we got to see it, but it made it impossible to cross this way without a getting a free shower. We stopped to enjoy the view. 🙂

We took the boat over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. We hadn’t been through in a while and I wanted to poke through the gift shops. As you can see, it was beautiful this weekend! Look at those blue skies.

I stopped along the way to take a photo of this Mickey sculpture. I added it in just because it’s a classic. It’s been there as long as I can remember. I love watching people sit in the ears for family photos. Look how cute and happy Mickey is sitting up there!

If anyone hasn’t been inside the Contemporary, I took a photo of the Mary Blair mural wall while I was standing directly in front of it. This gives you an idea of just how massive it really is! I love this feature. I think I’ve photographed it and shared it at every possible angle.

Next, we’d heard a rumor that Easter Eggs were on display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. So we decided to hop the monorail and visit there next. Stepping inside the Grand is always such an experience. The decor is just enchanting. They also have an amazing High Tea that Julia visited recently. You can read more about it here.

Downstairs, the Easter eggs were indeed on display! As usual, they didn’t disappoint. There were way to any for me to include them all here, but I’ve added some of them below. I think out of this grouping BB-8 would be my favorite!


Below is another grouping of eggs. If you can believe it, this still isn’t all of them! If you’ll be in the area they are on display until April 19th and totally worth a visit to see them.


I have just a couple last photos of the individual egg displays. This gives you an idea the level of detail that go into all these eggs. It’s an amazing amount of work that goes into this display every year. Around the base if colored shaved chocolate.

This last Cinderella egg is maybe the prettiest. The banner the birds are holding says something along the lines of one pair of shoes can change your life. It also has the castle around the bottom and a illuminated shoe. The photos just don’t do it justice. These eggs are so pretty in person!

And that’s it for this time. Thanks for joining me for a day of resort hopping! Please let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see next time around. Until then – I hope you’re having the best week ever. 

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12 thoughts on “Daisy’s Best Week Ever April 13, 2017: Wilderness Lodge Resort Update

  • April 13, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Don’t bother with Artist’s Point. Slow service, boring food, overpriced!

    • April 13, 2017 at 12:58 pm

      Hi Jon – yikes, that is what I was scared of. My last few signature dining experiences have been crummy. I’m sorry you experienced the same thing.

    • April 14, 2017 at 3:56 pm

      OMG, we too. DW and I went there for our anniversary and were very disappointed. Let’s hope this gets someone’s attention.

    • April 16, 2017 at 7:19 am

      Have to disagree!! BEST food we’ve had on property. Far, far better than, say, California Grill. With current C.G. menu and ridiculously noisy atmosphere wouldn’t go back there.
      Also, we had great service (Rae) on both occasions we ate at A.P. in March. Made to feel welcome and valued guests by all CMs there.
      Conversation not drowned out, able to enjoy talking to friends over the meal without having to almost shout!
      Will be the first ADR we make for next trip!

  • April 13, 2017 at 11:25 am

    We tried the sausage gravy at every place we ate in Disney, and the one they serve at the Whispering Canyon Cafe was by far the best. We liked it so much we went back for a second breakfast before the end of our trip!

    • April 13, 2017 at 12:59 pm

      Hi Tara! I’m so glad you liked it. We just don’t care for gravy so we skipped it. But it’s good for other folks to know it’s tasty! 🙂

  • April 13, 2017 at 11:55 am

    I feel the same about the signature restaurants. I’ve been disappointed by them all except V&As; if you’re going to be that expensive, it better be a great meal. Artist Point is one of the few I haven’t tried. I’ll be interested in your take.

    • April 13, 2017 at 1:01 pm

      Hi Leslie! That’s sad. It seems they are all on the decline. We’re never disappointed with Jiko. But the last time I at at California Grill I had to take my uneaten food home in a box and cook it myself for it to be edible! It just isn’t worth it anymore – that’s why we haven’t done Artist Point. I think I’ll try it just so I can report on it! 🙂

  • April 13, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    I have eaten at Artist Point on a couple of occasions and have enjoyed it each time. You can argue whether the Signature restaurants are worth the money they charge but I have always enjoyed the quality of my meal at Artist Point.

    • April 13, 2017 at 6:47 pm

      Hi Brian – I’m glad you had a good experience! It’s nice to hear from someone that enjoyed it. 🙂

  • April 18, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Is the main pool under construction? We have reservations there in a month and my daughter is very excited about the pool.

    • April 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

      No, the main pool at Wilderness Lodge is open. Roaring Fork and Trout Pass pool bar are closed.


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