Disney Discounts with Bounce Back Offers

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t_logo_fbWhat is a Bounce Back Offer?

Are you looking to save money on your trip to Walt Disney World? Of course you are. You already know about the time and money you can save by using this very site, but with the rising cost of a Disney vacation, finding discounts wherever you can is more important than ever.

To keep guests returning for more and more visits, Disney frequently offers incentives that are referred to as Bounce Back specials. These are discounts offered to people while they are still on, and hopefully enjoying, their vacation. The intent of the discount is to entice guests to come back between specific dates and stay on property, not to mention locking people into another Disney vacation.

For quite a while Bounce Back Offers have been a good deal for anyone looking to come back within a year for another Walt Disney World resort stay. The offer flyer (and it’s only found on flyers, not as emails, ads, or smoke signals) can be found in your hotel room, usually placed on the table with other bits of resort-related ephemera.

Your room flyer for the Bounce Back offer will look something like this.
Your room flyer for the Bounce Back offer will look something like this. Photo by Rebecca M. Ashely

Bounce Back Offers are usually one of two deals: either a percentage off rack rates for a room-only stay or a free dining offer with a full priced room. Rack rates are the full price of the room with no discount applied. These are listed on our own site, Disney.com, at Mousesavers.com and many other places online.

“Free” dining is a popular Disney promotion that sends people into a frenzy at least twice a year as they worry about when and if it’s being released (hint: it’s usually in fall and before Spring Break season and yes, it’s always released). Free dining also causes fits of kvetching from Disney fans when it is released that the dates (always slow times) or resorts (good luck getting the offer for Art of Animation suites) don’t meet their preferences. It offers guests who book a package with an onsite room (at full price) and tickets a free dining plan add-on for each member of their party. Search “free dining” on our site and blog for our thoughts on this promotion.

How Do I Book a Bounce Back Offer?

If you decide that a bounce back offer sounds amazing, call the phone number listed on the flyer while you’re still on vacation (this is important, it expires when you leave). The cast member who assists you should ask for a code from the offer paperwork. You will need to give a deposit to secure the discount price, which is $200.00 for a package including free dining with the balance due 45 days prior to arrival. If the discount is for a room only offer, you will need to give a deposit equal to one night’s room rate, with the balance due at date of check in.

Here is a close up look at the current dates. Photo by Rebecca M. Ashley
Here is a close up look at the current dates.
Photo by Rebecca M. Ashley

As I briefly mentioned above, the catch is that you have to call before midnight of your checkout date. I can speak from experience that the situation can create quite a bit of pressure as you try to figure out plans for future vacations while still enjoying your current vacation. If you know that you will definitely be coming back to Walt Disney World, even if you’re not sure when, the “Bounce Back Offer” is a pretty safe bet. For those who want to be truly ready, have a plan in place before you arrive just in case you get an offer.

What Happens if I Need to Change My Dates?

The future is never certain and sometimes things come up. Naturally, you can cancel any Disney vacation for a full refund as long as you’re not inside the 45-day cancellation window. But what if you just want to move your vacation a week forward or back, or add or subtract days from it? Are you still about to keep your Bounce Back offer? As the flyer didn’t specify, I looked into the matter and found that guests can move their Disney vacation to another valid “Bounce Back Offer” date provided.

What Makes a Bounce Back Offer Great?

Obviously that the ability to save quite a bit of money with no immediate risk (since the deposit is refundable up to 45 days out for packages) is pretty great. Also, as with any Disney discounts, you can re-book with a different offer if a better deal comes out. The peace of mind that you’re not waiting for discount codes to be released is always good, and knowing you’re coming back before you’ve even left definitely takes the sting out of the going home at the end of your vacation.

Ultimately, a Bounce Back Offer is a good discount if it makes sense for your budget and schedule. Many of the offers guests have seen recently seem to be listed for moderate and deluxe resorts only, so if you plan to stay at Pop Century or one of the All Stars, you’re not really saving money. To find out the latest deals, I gave the reservations office a call and asked about what type of discounts are being offered currently. The very courteous cast member told me that right now they have a 25% off “Bounce Back Offer” for value resorts, which is better than many publicly released discounts (values are usually 15% and don’t include family suites). He also mentioned that Disney does not run the value discounts all of the time (backing up our own anecdotal evidence); value level discounts are sporadic, but it never hurts to ask.

So have you booked a Bounce Back offer while onsite? What kind of deal did you get? Did you find it easy to schedule? Talk about it in the comments.

First, a huge THANK YOU to Liner Becky for answering our SOS call for photos to enhance this article.

Second, welcome Joe Pardo, Phillies fan and frequent Disney-related podcast guest to the TouringPlans blog team.

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  • July 22, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    I love bounce back offers! I already had a Poly reservation for last September and they were willing to apply the bounceback offer to my existing Poly reservation when I visited in March 2013. Saved 35%. I will be attending Reunion 2014 and hope to book a bounce back offer reservation for March 2015 while I’m there. Great to know they might have a discount offer for value resorts not just moderate or deluxe. Thanks for the blog post!

    • July 23, 2014 at 11:16 am

      Glad you enjoyed it Donna! Hopefully we will get to meet at Reunion! 🙂


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