Disney’s new healthy food iniative and you!

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Disney recently announced that is was rethinking its entire outlook toward food and the health of the nation. In general, the idea is to offer more healthy options with less fat and fewer junk food options directly marketed to kids – thus taking Mickey off foods you buy at the store that are completely bad for you and/or your kid.

At the theme parks – this relates to some more drastic changes that parents will want to take note of. The biggest change would be that childrens meals no longer inherently come with a soda, but rather a juice, milk, or something else. One can request a soda at no additional charge, but it’s not the default option anymore.

Also gone are the default french fries, they’ve been replaced with carrot sticks and apple sauce, and other such offerings. Again, if you still want them – you’ve got to request them.

For adults, fat contents in burgers are going down, the whole-wheat content of the bun is going up, and the general makeup of the food is changing slightly at several locations. Hopefully, there wont be much change in the taste of foods. The ABC Commissary at MGM Studios has been testing cooking with new oils (healthier fat) and no one seems to think the taste has changed. Hopefully, this will bode well for all of the other restaurants who are expeted to follow suit.

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