Five Items on My Food and Wine Souvenir Shopping List

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Oh, Disney. Every time I think I’m all set without the need for new merchandise, you have to have a festival come along and ruin my “I’m not going to go shopping again” rule. Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival has started up, and there’s a ton (and more) of merchandise available. So what’s going in my shopping cart? Here’s the five items I’ll probably buy.

Metal Tervis Water Bottle

I love Tervis products — and water bottles are awesome. So a metal Tervis water bottle? Sign me up!

Oven Mitt

Who doesn’t need an extra oven mitt around? And the designs with Chef Minnie? Too cute!

Measuring Spoons

These are so adorable that I probably wouldn’t want to risk using them, but for kitchen decor, I really like these decorated measuring spoons. What do you think, would you use them or display them?

Pie Pan

Also in the category of “I probably wouldn’t use it, but I would display it” is this Minnie and Mickey pie pan. The vintage Minnie and Mickey style is wonderful, and it makes a great dated souvenir from the festival.

Wine Glass Carrier

Chalk this one up to an impulse buy at the outlets. I don’t drink wine often, and so I can’t think of when I’d use this. I can’t even think that it is all that practical. But darn it, if that isn’t an item that would be totally bought on a whim, I don’t know what is! Would you buy one of these?

Got any ideas of what you’d like to buy at this year’s Food and Wine Festival? Any ideas for merchandise you wish they’d sell? And how crazy is that wine glass lanyard thing? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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One thought on “Five Items on My Food and Wine Souvenir Shopping List

  • September 2, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    The wine glass holding lanyard could be really useful – we all know table space can be hard to come by, and you might need somewhere to put your glass down while you read your festival passport, MDE app or park map!


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