Food and Wine First Look: Cider Bar at Canada Pavilion

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The Canada 360-degree Circlevision is currently being redone, and so the theater for it is vacant space. That’s a perfect place to set up an indoor location for Food and Wine festival, however.

Inside the pavilion you can find the Cider Bar booth, which has (no surprise), a variety of ciders to purchase, plus some sweet treats.

The item on the right that looks like a salad at a quick glance is actually the caramel-apple popcorn. The popcorn is sweet with a slightly apple/slightly caramel flavor. The drink on the left is the frozen apple pie. Overall, the drink tastes good, but it really could use a spoon because there’s so much graham cracker. The slush underneath is apple flavored, so it does end up tasting like an apple pie, only frozen.

Also in the space, you can get a little taste of maple syrup–simply delicious, of course. If you like it, you can purchase some of the maple syrup there.

In addition, the space also houses the Apple Orchard Wine bar, which offers a variety of wine and a small cheese plate.

Between the Cider Bar, Wine Bar, and air conditioning, this will be a popular place to come and hang out during the festival, even though the offerings are limited. Even better, you can certainly use the lean rails as “tables” for your cider flight.

What do you think of this space? Love it or leave it? Let us know in the comments.

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