Free dining to return August 16 – October 3, 2009

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Update to add new codes: Disney has announced late summer free dining packages for Disney Visa cardholders on March 26, and should announce to the general public on March 30. Travel dates are August 16 through October 3, 2009.

The free Disney Visa dining codes are:

RYI – Disney Visa Basic Dining
EEV – Disney Visa Deluxe Dining
UXQ – Disney Visa Deluxe Dining with Wine


Basic Dine: JMY
Deluxe Dine: EER
Basic Dine plus Wine & Dine: UGS
Deluxe Dine plus Wine & Dine :EES


Basic Dine: RYH
Deluxe Dine: UGR
Basic Dine plus Wine & Dine: KEU
Deluxe Dine plus Wine & Dine: NZZ

Deposit must be paid with DV at the time of booking. No courtesy holds.

Guest must check out by October 3. No extensions past that date (we’re hearing conflicting information on this).

Travel dates: August 16 – October 3
Booking dates: March 26 – June 21

Thanks to Small World Vacations for the codes and dates.

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