Frozen Wishables Arrive at Epcot

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The cute craze of Disney Wishables continues with a new “Frozen” collection hitting the shelves. The Wishables are a super adorable plush that have been brought to the domestic parks after hitting the parks in Asia first. Some characters come in a limited release mystery pack. Guests are encouraged to squeeze the pack to try and guess which character resides within. Other characters are available to purchase outside of the pack. Each one $9.99.

The new “Frozen” wishables packs can be found at Epcot’s Mouse Gear. Olaf, everyone’s favorite snowman, is available outside the pack. Anna, Elsa, Sven the reindeer, and an adorable troll await to be discovered in the mystery packs. Each Wishable plush features a star in their eyes, a la “when you wish upon a star”.

Are these cuties on your holiday wish list?


Frozen Wishables Plush at Epcot
Frozen Wishables Plush at Epcot

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