Go Left to Maximize Your Food and Wine Experience

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Without having had the first bite of food at Epcot’s 2019 Food and Wine Festival, I am pleased to advise you to start left. Let’s review the reasons you should begin in Mexico and make your way, bloated and tipsy, to Canada as your day progresses. This is also good information to have if you’re sober, only have a wee bit of time in Epcot, and want to maximize your time at the Festival!

More Food in Fewer Steps

Using the entrance to World Showcase as a starting point, we counted out steps to each of the outdoor kitchens around the entire path. Please note that an average stride of an average height adult was used. All measurements were from register to register. For purposes of distributing World Showcase into equal parts, we used the American Adventure as the center point. We only measured the distance between outdoor kitchens and did not take into account other food and drink locations or the Festival Promenade (which is 78 steps to the right from the entrance) when we did our research. Here is what we found:

Starting Point 


  • 49 steps from the starting point to Thailand outdoor kitchen
  • 98 steps from Thailand to the Islands of the Caribbean
  • 42 steps from Islands of the Caribbean to Mexico
  • 233 steps from Mexico to the Alps
  • 116 steps from the Alps to China
  • 106 steps from China to India
  • 129 steps from India to Africa
  • 80 steps from Africa to Germany
  • 41 steps from Germany to Spain
  • 49 steps from Spain to Italy
  • 219 steps from Italy to the American Adventure (center point)
  • 177 steps from the American Adventure to Japan
  • 71 steps from Japan to Morocco
  • 41 steps from Morocco to Belgium
  • 49 steps from Belgium to Brazil
  • 112 steps from Brazil to France
  • 328 steps from France to Ireland
  • 190 steps from Ireland to Canada
  • 61 steps from Canada to Australia
  • 137 steps from Australia to the starting point

This means that you can visit 10 outdoor kitchens on the left in 1162 steps on your way to the American Adventure. You’ll travel 1166 steps if you start on the right side (Canada) and will only encounter 8 outdoor kitchens before you arrive in the land of the free.

The good news is, there are several outdoor kitchens that are so close you’ll have to take a moment to finish a dish before you get in the next line. The bad news is, you’re going to want to get an extra plate or two to give you the energy to get from the outdoor kitchen in France to the one in Ireland since it’s a whopping 328 steps over the bridge and around the bend. Your blood sugar is sure to take a hit!

All kidding aside, our team is going to be covering Food and Wine very thoroughly over the next few weeks. Make sure you download the TouringPlans Lines app to get updates on where we are in the park. Stop by to say hello and share a plate. See you there!

Which dish from previous Food and Wine outdoor kitchens are you hoping makes an appearance this year? What is a stand-out dish from the past you wish they would revisit? 




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2 thoughts on “Go Left to Maximize Your Food and Wine Experience

  • August 30, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    I’m not going to make it this year. But this is a fun article.

    I applaud the author’s commitment to maximizing my possible food experience.

    • August 30, 2019 at 5:05 pm

      Thanks for reading! I am fully committed to having a full plate at all times during Food & Wine. Hope you get to make it down soon!


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