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Have a Ball – Miniature Golf Courses of Walt Disney World

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There is so much to see and do at Walt Disney World that it’s hard to try it all during your vacation. Miniature golf is something that most people can do in their home towns making the four courses at Walt Disney World easy to overlook. But if you have a little extra time this can be a fun and affordable entertainment option! Let’s check out what makes each of these courses different.

Winter Summerland

minniedonaldThe two courses at Winter Summerland are inspired by Christmas and cover the two seasons named: Winter and Summer. When playing on the winter side you will see more predictable winter scenes like snowmen, elves, Santa, and of course some Disney fun. The summer side offers a beach motif with the same ideas. The experience is very similar with some holes being mirror images on the two courses. However, in my experience the summer side is normally busier since the beach theme is more “Florida”. They are both just as fun so I would always pick the course with the shorter wait. This area has a great deal of landscaping that offers shade during our hot summer days. That plus the classic Christmas music that can be heard everywhere around this area almost makes you forget the heat!

When traveling to Winter Summerland it is easiest to drive. There is a small dedicated parking lot with overflow parking available at Blizzard Beach. It is also possible to walk from Blizzard Beach if you will be taking Disney Transportation. Blizzard Beach admission is not required to enjoy miniature golf.

Fantasia Gardens and The Fairways

fantasia2Whereas Winter Summerland has two very similar courses these two could not be more different! Fantasia Gardens offers a more traditional miniature golf experience themed around the classic movie Fantasia. The beauty of this course makes it my absolute favorite of the four courses. Easily recognizable characters from the movie are seen at nearly every hole while you listen to the classic music from the film. The only downfall of this course is that there is absolutely no shade, which can be brutal during the summer months. On a positive note you do have an awesome view of the Tower of Terror!

FairwaysThe Fairways offers a different interpretation of miniature golf with actual PGA style holes in a miniature format. Sand traps, bunkers, and water hazards abound on this course! Be warned that this will be fun for experienced golfers, but anyone looking to putt a ball through a castle will be sorely disappointed with this course. I personally decided to cut my losses after the front nine the time I tried it!

To get to Fantasia Gardens and The Fairways it is again easiest to drive as they share a pretty large parking lot. If you are taking Disney Transportation any of the Epcot area resorts is within a reasonable walking distance with the Swan being the closest.

General Information for all courses:

  • Cost: $12 before tax Passholder discounts are offered
  • Hours: 10am – 11pm
  • Weather: The courses will not close for rain, but they will close if there is lightning in the area. If you would prefer to not play in the rain, a rain check may be requested

So what do you think? Will you be trying miniature golf the next time you’re in town? Which course looks like the most fun to you? Let us know in the comments below, and – as always – thanks for reading!


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Daisy Lauren

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12 thoughts on “Have a Ball – Miniature Golf Courses of Walt Disney World

  • Worth noting as well that guests visiting from the UK with an ultimate ticket (14 day or 21 day) get a free round of mini golf before 4pm; it’s a free game for the ticket holder (not a group of people with them) and it can be one free game a day if you like – it’s not one per stay or anything like that.
    Because us Brits tend to take longer trips to WDW many of us will spend a ‘rest’ day doing something like this, and now, with us getting in for free through the day – it makes it even more appealing!

    • Daisy Lauren

      Hi Kitty! WOW – thanks for adding this great tip! I had no idea. Good thing you’re here!! 🙂

      I have to admit I’m a little jealous… I pay for 365 days a year and still have to pay for my mini golf!

      • In all honesty us brits get a lot of good deals though disney, as mentioned the tickets, we can get a 14 or 21 day ultimate ticket which includes unlimited access all 4 main parks, the two water parks, mini golf as Kitty says, disney quest, the oak trail golf course and the espn wide world of sports. In other thoughts though, thankyou for the review, as me and my husband were struggling to decide on which mini golf course to choose and this post is really helpfull!!!!!!!

      • Daisy Lauren

        Hey Bex- I’m really glad the article helped! Thank you for reading! 🙂 I wish I had more room for photos.. it was so tough to pick just 4! The courses are so detailed and beautiful. I know you will enjoy them!

  • Stephanie W.

    I was really upset we didn’t get to go to Fantasia Gardens in January. When we received our package for the trip it came with coupons for a free round of mini-golf for the 4 of us! Sadly – we were staying at Port Orleans – French Quarter and we didn’t have a car. With transportation taking as long as it does we didn’t have a chance to get there. I will certainly plan a later flight out next time so that we can try and make a visit.

    • Daisy Lauren

      They are worth the trip! I hope you get a chance to try it next time. 🙂

  • I agree that there is more shade at the Winter/Summerland courses. I played the Fantasia course in early August with my family and we were about to melt. If you time it right on one of the last holes (the 16th?) you can get doused by one of the bucket-wielding broomsticks.

    Bex and Kitty, it sounds like the ultimate tickets available to the Brits have almost the same benefits as the Premium Annual Passes. A “Jolly Holiday” indeed!

    • Daisy Lauren

      Hi Gene! I had so much fun taking photos of hole 16 but they didn’t translate well into a little thumbnail. I think that is the best hole on the course! 🙂

  • Had a great time when we when to WinterSummer land. Although, with both courses being almost identical, its definitely not worth playing both back to back as we did.
    Also worth noting that the courses are both open reasonably late, and at dusk, they are lovely and cool and quiet.

  • DisneyDad

    Fantasia Gardens is a nice deeply-themed break from the parks. We always take advantage of the freebie round often included in various packages.

  • If you do play Fantasia Gardens, play at night if you have the chance. For one, it’s cooler. But also, if you play on a night Fantasmic! is showing, you hear the music loud and clear. My 2 DDs kept telling us what was happening in the show based on the music, having watched it a few nights earlier. It adds to the Fantasia-feeling too!


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