Holidays Around the Parks: Magic Kingdom Edition

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Good morning and Merry Christmas to all! I hope none of you received coal in your stocking this morning, because I still have a ton left over from last Christmas. I mean, what can you do with it?!? Anyway, for those of you whom haven’t read any of our previous entries this holiday season, we’re bringing you a GLORIOUS full-page investigative report surrounding the holiday decorations from around the Orlando area theme parks. Some parks have delivered jaw-dropping new additions, while others…well, maybe I will have a few places to send that coal after all. So sit back, put on that new Derek Burgan mixtape (available now at an outlet bargain bin near you), and enjoy the festivities from the Magic Kingdom.


It’s a gorgeous afternoon at the Magic Kingdom, with plenty of reds and greens as far as the eye can see.



The Main Street Station is always well dressed for any holiday. While I prefer the Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween, the red bows and garland are a welcome sight for passengers arriving from Storybook Circus.


Candy Cane Garden is where you’ll find characters in their special holiday attire. Judging from the line this may take a while, so we’ll continue our stroll through the park. But you don’t have to wait in long lines. Let us help you maximize your day in the park with one of our specialized touring plans.


The Poinsettia is to Christmas as the Saturday Six is to…Saturday. It wouldn’t be Christmas without one.



Toy Soldiers stand watch in Town Square. They are an iconic part of the Magic Kingdom, as an entire regiment is featured during the annual Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party parade.



Now we will take a stroll down Main Street for what is undoubtedly a three-hour tour of holiday decorations. Three-hour tours always end well, right?


Over time, the new Main Street decorations have grown on me. While I do miss the days of garland strung across this iconic thoroughfare, I think we can all agree that Festival of Fantasy is one of the greatest gifts to Walt Disney World fans in recent memory.


Bonus Festival of Fantasy photo. My gift to you, dear reader.


As we set out for Adventureland, a familiar theme starts playing faintly in the distance. But it has nothing to do with tiki birds or the opening riff to “He’s a Pirate.” Rather, it starts off softly with the words “Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you?” No, we haven’t taken some magical portal to Universal (we’ve already been there). Once again, after venturing out into a park we find a disturbing lack of decorations. In years past it seemed as if every land had some kind of decoration throughout each park, which has declined as of late. But fear not, dear reader, for I have found a couple decorations that you may see during this or any holiday season.



The “directional sign.” When you see one of these babies in action, you know its a holiday.



Wait a second, there may be some hope after all!



If you had Gaston as the hero for saving this holiday decoration tour from being a quick walk down Main Street, give yourselves a hand. You can always count on Gaston for being bold, especially with his decorating during the holiday season. And how appropriate that he’s used antlers in all of his decorating. They should try to make a song out of that. Nah, it’ll never work.


On to Tomorrowland. You have to assume that dance party central will have some kind of decorations. I mean, what would a Christmas dance party be without some tinsel?



Whomp, there it is! Now dance away, dance away all.



And now a quick spin on one of my all-time favorite attractions, the Carousel of Progress, where it’s always Christmas. Every 21 minutes.



Heading back towards Main Street, we might as well swing by the Emporium to see what kind of special holiday merchandise they have. I hope they have a Turbo Man doll, because I’ve been looking for one for twenty years now.



Lightsabers count as decorations, right?!? I guess we’ll find out in a few years.



Lemons, holly, Poinsettia leaves. There are so many minor details in each wreath on Main Street. I wonder how many people actually stop to look closely at them.



If you’re going to go all-out for home Christmas decorating, these Disney-themed housewares are perfect to bring holiday cheer to your kitchen.



For foodies, they have Christmas-themed coffees and snacks, too.



Before heading home let’s take one last look at Town Square, and one of the most famous Christmas trees of all.


You know what, it’s Christmas. Let’s look at some lights before closing out this holiday season. But we’re going to leave the Magic Kingdom for one of my favorite Disney destinations: Fort Wilderness.


Trails End: a Saturday Six Top Six pick


Now I have to believe these are decorations provided by one of the families at a campsite, but it sure is a grand, Griswold-style display.



Whether you celebrate Christmas, the miracle of Hanukkah, or Boxing Day tomorrow like our favorite Canadian Brett Young (drop the gloves bro!), I hope you all take time today to enjoy a moment with your loved ones, for they are your greatest gift of all. Thank you for joining us on this tour of holiday decorations, may 2018 bring many blessings upon you!

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